Is High Intensity Interval Training good for Menopause?

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Why HIIT is a beneficial way to train during Menopause

The words High intensity interval training could deter even the fittest of people from wanting to give it a go, but in reality is it’s not as intimidating as its sounds. This method of exercise is safe and beneficial for almost everybody, even newbies to fitness. It is a great first step towards improving your physical wellbeing and fitness and is perfect for women transitioning through the menopause as it improves insulin sensitivity and lowers fasting blood sugar levels, which is good for your overall cardiovascular and metabolic health, especially during the menopause transition when blood sugar can be harder to manage, It also strengthens and increases the amount of your energy-producing mitochondria; increases your stroke volume (how much your blood your heart pumps per beat), improves your fat-burning capacity, and helps manage visceral fat, fat stored deep inside the belly, wrapped around the organs, including the liver and intestines, which increases during menopause. HIIT also puts high demand on your muscles, this in turn sends a message to the brain that you need more human growth hormone (HGH) and increases testosterone, which helps build muscle mass which is key for menopausal women.



SO LETS BREAK IT DOWN … let me explain why.


Everybody is individual so of course everybody’s fitness level is different. HIIT is adaptable, safe and fun as it can be personalised to suit your capability and fitness level. HIIT involves switching between bursts of more vigorous (high intensity) and less vigorous (low intensity) exercises/activity go entirely at your own pace so you will never feel overstretched or overwhelmed.


Ok so this is the good part, after you have given your maximum effort in your high intensity zone you then get a short rest. This is the ‘interval’. For example one minute of a particular exercise might be divided into 45 s work and 15 s rest. And one session might be 10 minutes or 30 minutes, either way you will benefit. Who said exercise has to be all work to work?!

HIIT is unique in that you only need do this type of workout for a short period to reap serious benefit. HIIT is perfect for anyone with limited time or for those of us who want to be fit and lean but hate slogging it out in the gym for hours on end. This form of exercise can easily be squeezed into a busy schedule. Think about it! 20 mins and that’s it, your work out is over!
Still unconvinced? Well now for the best part. The scientific evidence base overwhelming demonstrates that HIIT can help you reduce blood pressure, reduce blood sugar levels, increase oxygen delivery, boost mental health, gain muscle and lose fat. Lose fat?! How’s that? Well, following a single HIIT training session, your body seriously rewards you as from 2 to up to 24 hours after your workout; even whilst you are eating/resting/sleeping, your body remains in metabolism boosting mode and you burn calories. Yes you read that right, you can burn calories just by sitting on your bum! Put simply, HIIT delivers maximal health benefits in minimal time. What’s there to not love about that?!
In a nutshell – Don’t be intimidated by HIIT – Give it a go, it’s varied, it’s adaptable, never boring and is so very rewarding. You’ll never look back


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